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With a name like WOW Bingo you would expect the site to deliver some real excitement and some fantastic prizes, well it’s fair to say that WOW Bingo manages this by some way. All through September they have been giving away three super gadgets each week to lucky players. There’s still one prize draw left for the month so it’s not too late to be one of the lucky ones.


It’s a straight forward prize draw with one depositing player winning an iPhone 4s, one slots wagerer picking up a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and one bingo wagerer snapping up a Sony Digi Cam. These are some great prizes to pick up and make this site worth a visit alone but this is just one promotion WOW Bingo has running at the moment.

They have recently launched Friday Night Fever with a run of four increasing guaranteed jackpots paid on a friday night starting with a £150 jackpot at 8pm and increasing to £200 at 9pm, £250 at 10pm and finally £300 at 11pm. It’s a great run of games to pick up some big money prizes, tickets for these bingo games can be pre bought now.

These are just two of the fantastic range of special events and promotions at WOW Bingo and every month they seem to come out with something new so make sure you keep checking back on site for up to date details.

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