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Some sites opt for big bingo games that offer substantial cash awards. As an illustration Rollover Bingo themed the regular £2,000 prize bingo-game around the Royal Wedding coupled with a day-to-day giveaway of lotto tickets, cash and prizes. Free bingo often figures quite highly and tombola bingo favours the £10,000 daily linked bingo games that are popular with bingo customers.


And now… bingo sites are giving away Take That tickets to bring people in.

Random prize draws have grown in reputation to pay back customers for playing with them on a regular basis. The idea is that members put in and wager a set quantity of money over a stipulated time frame and they are then included in a raffle to win the advertised prize. Online bingo sites that use Gamesys bingo software, that include Sun Bingo, Heart Bingo, CAESARS Bingo and Jackpotjoy have utilised this tool for a while and have distributed some super prizes.

Trips abroad are always a favourite. So too are large money prizes and cars. Sun Bingo is known for giving away a lot of cars. Until 7th July players at Sun Bingo for example can win one of eight holidays up for grabs, including trips to Australia, Paris or New York.

Many other online bingo sites have now utilised this technique of appealing to and holding on to players and the prize of preference at the moment are tickets to see Take That on their reunion tour. Rather than pulling players to the site for just the one night for just the one big bingo game, a selection of online bingo websites are providing Take That prize packages of various value.

Chit Chat Bingo was the first online bingo provider to divulge that they’d obtained Take That tickets to the sold out live concert in Manchester to give away and concluded their contest in March 2011. Chit Chat have fairly recently unveiled one more competition to enable bingo customers to secure tickets to see Take That at Wembley Arena in July 2011.

Some other internet bingo sites are currently promoting the opportunity of winning tickets to a Take That extravaganza just for playing bingo at their bingo site. Included in this are Bucky Bingo, Sky Bingo and Betfred Bingo. The Sky Bingo promotion is loyalty based, but does end with a special bingo game to acquire the big prize, but also offers daily rewards to players, by using loyalty points and bonus deals on the road to qualification for the bingo game itself.

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