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In any game of bingo, you know that the person who gets there first wins the prize. While the numbers called will always be somewhere on your screen, by the time you look down to see what numbers have been called and daub them on the appropriate tickets, someone else could have already called the bingo. When playing 90 ball bingo it is even more important to keep up with the numbers because there are six tickets you will be playing with!

They are lined up in a strip of six and each ticket will be 3 rows by 9 columns. Each row will have 5 numbers on it and when you have daubed a complete line, it’s a bingo. Stage two is two lines and stage three is all three lines on the same ticket, commonly referred to as a full house.

To speed up the game, learn where you can find your numbers! Column one will have numbers 1 through 9, while column two will have 10 through 19. The third column is 20 through 29, the fourth 30 through 39, the fifth 40 through 49, the sixth 50 through 59, the seventh 60 through 69 and the eighth has 70 through 79. Finally, since there are 90 numbers, the last column has eleven numbers running from 80 to 90. By learning which column the numbers fall in, when they are called you can quickly spot them on the appropriate ticket to daub them quickly. If you want to win the game, speed is of the essence!

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