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The appropriately named Jackpot bingo is set to roll out some pretty cracking promotions this summer, with the recent launch of a brand new room, and the opportunity to win some seriously big prizes in their game in August.


Jackpot Bingo launched their huge Car or Cash game in June, where the epic prize is a Smart Car or £5,000 cash. The great thing about the game is that you get to choose which prize you want (which is probably helpful if you can’t drive!) Though tickets cost £1.50, they have loads of ways you can earn tickets for no cost at all. Either bingo on the number 5, bingo on the letters from the word CAR, or bingo on the car pattern and you get a free ticket to the game! You can do this in any of their 75 ball rooms, and the game isn’t until August so you have bucket loads of time to get yourself a heap of free tickets.

Jackpot Bingo have also brought out a brand new game called 3xcite that offers a slightly different way of playing. Essentially, the game is standard bingo, but you can win on either full house or 2TG. It ends up being  a bit of a nail biter because if you’re on 2TG you don’t know whether to hope you stay where you are or progress onto full house. The game is on every single night from 7pm until 11pm, and is already getting everyone 3xcited!

If you’re not already a member of Jackpot bingo, it’s definitely worth a look considering it gives all new players a 200% welcome bonus, which is £20 free if you deposit just a tenner! They also have loads of monthly guaranteed jackpot games; this Sunday they’re having their £555 Mystic Game!

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