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If you’re anything like me, you probably enjoy ‘social gaming’ as much as regular online bingo sites, right? Social gaming is anything like the games you seen on Facebook, including the ever growing number of free-to-play and pay-to-play bingo games on the popular social network site.


And with the recent news that some states are starting to grant online gambling licences again, starting with Nevada (home of gambling haven Las Vegas), we’re likely to see a growing number of our beloved UK online bingo sites venturing into US terriroty as time progresses.

Online bingo in America is still a while away yet, but one UK site is making swift moves by opening up their market and entering the Facebook arena with a new bingo app.

Cheeky Bingo has been around for a while now and even if you haven’t played there, you’ve no doubt seen the ‘Cheeky boom-boom’ ads on TV. There’s no denying their impact in the world of online bingo.

Their new app is pretty nice, too, and they’ve clearly done their homework for Facebook apps and what Facebook users want.

The games are 75-ball bingo and, of course, there’s the chat function too, just like on bingo sites.

If you haven’t checked out Cheeky Bingo yet, they’re offering a nifty 200% welcome bonus and boast guaranteed jackpots of £80,000 every month!

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