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Playing 90 ball bingo is so much fun because you can potentially win up to three times in one game!

As the strips are set up, there are 6 tickets per strip with each ticket having 3 rows and 9 columns. The important thing to remember when playing 90 ball bingo is that each line (row) will have exactly 5 numbers filled in spread out across those 9 columns. That is all you will really be concerned with.

The game is played in three distinct stages. The first stage is where balls are called and the player who is able to daub all numbers across any single line first wins that round. There is always a potential for two or more players to get 5 numbers in a line all at the same time. When this occurs, they split the prize for that round. The game continues until someone is able to daub all the numbers on 2 lines in the same ticket. Again, more than one player can daub in two lines simultaneously, which means the prize will be divided among them.

To win the jackpot in 90 ball bingo, a player would have to daub three complete lines on the same ticket. This is referred to as a full house. There have been times when more than one player could call the full house (3 lines on the same ticket) at the same time, but that is very infrequent. The first player to get a full house needs to call it immediately because the game will continue until it has been called. Each successive stage increases the jackpot until full house is won.

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