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If there is one online bingo site out there that keeps things simple and straightforward it is tombola. Concentrating all its efforts on bingo games and unique bingo based games it is a master of online entertainment.


You will find loads of 90 ball bingo rooms each with great game prizes determined by the number of people playing in a particular room, and with a progressive jackpot that is won regularly and grows quickly.

This week is the perfect time to check out tombola Bingo and grab the 200% welcome bonus, as it is running one of its famous Guaranteed jackpot giveaways and it is one of the biggest to be seen. It is not 90 ball bingo, but its famous card based game, Cinco. This week tombola will be giving away £500,000 in guaranteed prizes on this game, but not spread over a whole day. Instead the bulk of the money will be given away between 8pm and 10pm each night until Sunday, 21st October.

Cinco (say Sinko), is a simple card based game. Players can buy one hand of five cards for as little as 5p, but in each game there is a maximum of five hands that can be purchased. The maximum cost to play is £2 per game in the room where a hand costs 40p. During these special guaranteed prize sessions each price point will feature its own guaranteed game prize:

5p rooms = £35
10p rooms = £75
20p rooms = £150
40p rooms = £300

There are 17 different Cinco rooms to choose from and plenty of choice at every price level. In addition to these guaranteed prizes there are still the room jackpots on offer for covering all the cards in a single hand within five to seven cards called and these can be anything up to £20,000 – not bad for a £2 stake at the top level.

This offer is running for seven days, which is a further enhancement of the tombola deal as they usually only run for three days at a time. As ever at this site, it is the players that benefit and with £500,000 up for grabs that’s lots of chances to win big.

There is a series of adverts that tombola have produced using real players and the latest highlights this very offer. WhichBingo.co.uk makes a point of capturing as many of these bingo adverts as possible and they are well worth a look.

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