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Part of the excitement in playing 90 ball bingo online is making friends and chatting with them as you play the game. We all want to win the jackpot, but while we’re waiting our ‘turn’ it’s always nice to have a mate or two to talk to while waiting for the balls to be called or in between rounds or games.


Unfortunately, too many of us are not the typists we should be and while getting caught up in chat, the game goes on without us. For this reason alone, many people should take the time to learn common chat abbreviations to use when chatting in 90 ball bingo. It’s fun to have friends, even unseen friends on the other side of cyberspace, but it is also fun to win!

It only takes a moment to type in WTG, but a bit longer to find the keys for ‘way to go!” when someone gets bingo. Learning bingo speak not only helps you spend more time listening to the calls, but also enables others to quickly glance down at a few letters and instantly recognize what you are trying to convey. You spend less time distracted, and so do they.

So keep on shooting for that full house to win the 90 ball bingo jackpot, but also learn the bingo speak you’ll need when chatting during the play. All the way around it’s a great game and you shouldn’t miss a moment of it trying to type as fast as you think.

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