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Everyone loves a new bingo site and already in 2013 we’ve seen a few launch. Today sees the launch of yet another one by the name of Lucky Pants Bingo.


Clearly piggy-backing off the success of the Paddy Power Lucky Pants promotion that ran in 2012, Lucky Pants Bingo is sure to be a big hit thanks to the excellent welcome bonuses for new players.

You’ll receive 500 free bingo cards and 20 free slot spins just for creating an account, no deposit is required, while there’s also a further bonus of 200% matched on your first deposit. This means if you deposit a tenner, you’ll be left with £30 to play with.

On top of the welcome bonuses, Lucky Pants Bingo are offering what they call “Lifelong Cash Back”. This will see up to 15% credited back to players account on any losing deposits. The exact amount refunded will depend on your VIP level, with the cashback ranging from 5% up to the full 15%.

As you might expect for a new bingo site, there’s tons of other promotions lined up to entice new players to join. All the details can be found on the “Lucky Promos” page, while there’s also an extensive review of the site available here.

Thankfully, the site isn’t demanding that players confirm that they do indeed own a pair of lucky pants before signing up… and hopefully they won’t be planning on going down the Bingo Cams live winning moment route with players flashing their lucky pants for all to see!

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