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Apparently there are now over 350 online bingo sites in the UK.

Quite obviously this makes for a very competitive market, but it seems the competition for the. best name for Bingo site is even more competitive. And it seems the UK online bingo market has run out of original ideas for bingo site names.

This week saw the launch of a brand new site, with their own software, called Spin and Win Bingo. Spin & Win Bingo offer you £5 free with no depoist required. All very good, I hear you thinking, apart from the fact that a site called SpinWin Bingo, on a different software platform, already exists, and has done so for a number of years. A similar occurrence happened last month with the launch of Love My Bingo. Again, yes you are thinking that’s a good name for a bingo site (we all love bingo don’t we…..) but I’m not sure the owners of the two year old Love Your Bingo will be too happy.

And it doesn’t stop there. The late lamented News of the World used to have a magazine section in it called ‘Fabulous’. The magazine is now free in The Sun newspaper every day, and as with The Sun, Fabulous magazine has it’s own bingo site, not unsurprisingly called Fabulous Bingo. As with Spin & Win Bingo, you can also get £5 free with no deposit required. As Patsy from AbFab would have said, “that’s Fabulous, dahlingggg” but I don’t think the owners on BingoFabulous, which had been running for a long time before News International came up with their idea for an online bingo site ! And News International have not one, but two sites with name problems. Those of you that watch Sky TV will no doubt have seen the TV advertisements for their online bingo game, not unsurprisingly called SkyBingo (which we looked at recently here at Play90). So what’s the problem I hear you asking? Well, nothing apart from the fact that the independent and unlinked BingoSky launched on the internet before Mr Murdoch’s empire did.

If you think that’s all there are out there like this, think again, and see my follow up article in a few weeks time for more bingo confusion……

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