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While traditionally in the UK when people play bingo it is usually 90 ball bingo, online games often add a bit of variety to keep the game exciting and somewhat challenging throughout.

Traditionally, the game is played in three distinct stages. The first round ends when a player has successfully daubed all the numbers across on a single line. The game continues until a player has daubed two lines and the jackpot or full house is won when a player gets all three lines complete on any one ticket.

Normally the jackpot increases with each successive round. Meaning that if round one (one line complete) wins, for example, 10£ and stage two wins 15£, then a full house might win 25£. However, with internet technology, there are some fun twists to the game that make for a bit of excitement. Each player begins with a ‘pot’ that contains so much money. As each ball is called, the pot decreases by a predetermined amount. It continues to decrease until either the game is over, or the player gets a bingo. Should the player get bingo and call it (press the bingo button online!), then whatever is showing in his or her personal pot is the amount won.

It really gets interesting if you are in chat at the same time and can ‘see’ what other players are doing. They will call out (in chat of course) two numbers to go, one number to go, and so on. Then when someone in another room gets bingo, everyone says ‘ss’ (so sorry in bingo speak) and the next game begins.

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